How To Find The Connector(s) That Can Mate To A Specific Connector 


* There are times that you may be looking at a connector on the DTNA eComponents web site and you are wanting to find the connector that mates to that connector. Other times you may have a customer requesting the connector that will mate to a specific connector on his vehicle. By following these instructions you should be able to find the part number of a connector that mates to another connector.


* In this example we will be using connector part number '23-13153-030'.


1) Go to and login to the Daimler Trucks North America DTNA Connect web site, located at the following address:


2) At the DTNA Connect main page, click on the 'More' link in the 'My Applications' section below the list of 'Most Recent' applications:



2) Within the list of your applications, find and click on 'EZ Wiring':



3) At the EZ Wiring main page, click on the 'Drawing View' tab:



4) On the 'Drawing View' page, type the connector part number into the white box to the right of 'Diagram Part Number:' and then click <VIEW>:



* The diagram will be opened up on another web page, either on a new tab or in a new window:



5) Scroll down through the document until you find the connector that you are looking for or press <CTRL><F> to use the search window to find the connector.

6) Once you find the section that has the information for the connector part number (I.E. 23-13153-030), look in the 'Related Items' section. Here is where you will find the connector, or connectors, that your connector part number can mate to: