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How To Tell If Your Business Class M2 Is An OBD13 Vehicle


    The next stage of electrical system changes after EPA 2010, which requires a separate section within the DTNA eCompontents web site is On Board Diagnostics 13 (OBD13).


    If you are unsure if your truck is an OBD13 truck, follow these steps.


    1) logon to 'ServicePro' from the DTNA Connect web site:



    2) Enter the VIN of the truck being worked on in the white box to the right of '6 digit Serial #:' and then click <OK>:



    3) Click on 'Major Components' on the left hand side of the page in the 'Vehicle Info' section:



Cummins Engines


* For vehicles with a Cummins engine, look for the number '13' to the right of the engine model:


Detroit Diesel Engines


For vehicles with a Detroit Diesel engine, look for 'GHG14' to the right of 'Revised Coverage Name':