Cascadia Connector Kit (J-48854)


Click on links to 'Side A' or 'Side B' or scroll up/down the page to view the connectors on each side of the Cascadia Kit:

Side A | Side B


    - This Cascadia Connector Kit page has links above for viewing both side (Side A & Side B) of the connector kit.


    - When you click on one of the sections of the connector kit you will be brought to a page showing the information for the terminal part of those connectors.


    - From the terminal information page you can search for that terminal part to find where else within the DTNA eComponents web site that same terminal is used.


    - This helps in that it shows you locations where that particular connector in the 'Cascadia' connect kit can be used on other vehicles such as a Business Class M2, FLD 120 SD, etc.


     - The part number for ordering the Cascadia Connector Kit is 'KMH J48854'.