Detroit Diesel

DD13, DD15, DD18 Pig Tail Replacement Kits

Inspect & Repair Connector Information


Electrical Connector Inspection

1) The connectors should be inspected for damage. This includes damage to the plastic shell, thumb release tab and the sliding lock tab. If damage is found, the mating connector/component should also be inspected for damage.



2) Verify the terminal pins are properly locked into the connector body by holding the plastic shell in one hand while gently pulling/pushing the wire. If the wire slides in/out of the connector, the terminal is not locking correctly and further inspection is needed to determine the cause.


3) Visually inspect the pins for corrosion. When present, corrosion is visible in form of green coating deposits on the pins.



4) Verify the terminal pins are not worn/spread by using the wire probe kit tool# DKI470E16022. Slide the correct wire probes in and out of the female pins and over the male pins. There should be some slight drag present. The drag should be sufficient to hold the weight of the probe kit while vertically hanging from the connector terminal.


Electrical Connector Repair

- If corrosion is present, the connector and the component should both be replaced. Corrosion is usually caused by water intrusion. Steps should also be taken to determine the cause of corrosion. Refer to the chart below for the list of replacement connectors.


- Connectors that are damaged or have pins that are damaged, should be replaced. The mating connector should also be inspected for damage. If damage is found in both mating connectors, both connectors should be replaced. Refer to the chart below for the list of replacement connectors. The kit contains pre-assembled pigtails that have six or fewer pins. If the connector does not exist in the kit, the individual pins should be replaced.


- Connectors that have six pins or less should be replaced, using a pigtail. The pigtails in the kit are pre-assembled and require Phillips Sta-Dry crimp, solder and seal butt connectors to be installed.


- Connectors with more than six pins will be repaired using separate pins and connectors, which will need to be assembled, as necessary.