DTNA eComponents



DTNA eComponents Purpose and Overview


Purpose:  eCompontents was created to help dealers locate the small electrical parts such as relays, fuses, connectors, terminals, and seals. The tool was designed to locate parts based on visual aids.  The tool does not have a search feature, however many of the views are based on installation prints, so locating the component should be straight forward.


How to use the tool:   Since the tool is picture based, using your curser to point and click on any picture will open that view. If any part of the tool is not functioning, a view that shows “under construction” should appear.  To keep the tool flexible, wire size and terminal type (i.e. Gold or Tin) need to be determined in order to locate the correct terminal or seal.  In many cases options were eliminated, or notes added such as “most common” to help dealers locate the correct parts.  A feature that helps with wiring sizing is a link located at the top of the page just to the left of the location and labeled “Cable Insulation Cross Link”. The link has metric to English cross references along with cable sizing and dimensions:



    The tool has many other features that will help dealers to navigate the site.  One of these features includes buttons located at the top of the page that allow jumping back to the previous screen or to a different screen such as the main page.  On many pages if a component such as a PDM or terminating resister, is common to that vehicle, a separate link has been added that allows viewing the part outside of its mounting location. 


    The tool provides all of the information for each component. In some cases more details may be needed, so each part number (if in blue) will supply a link to its document.  Provided that you are logged onto DTNA Connect you should be able to view each component by clicking on the P/N and viewing the document in EZ wiring.  Note, prior to clicking on the part number make sure you have the P/N written down as clicking on the link will open a high level document, so the  P/N is needed to perform the search.  Holding down on the control key on your keyboard (<CTRL>) and pressing the letter “F” key will bring up the search field.  Type your number in the search field and then press enter (<ENTER>) and it will search for that P/N within the document.


    Remember there are many notes and links throughout the tool that will help you to locate a P/N or navigate the site, so make sure to pay attention to the notes.  A feedback button has been made available at the top of each page that allows you to fill out a 'feeback' form. Once you send the feedback that information will be e-mailed to the Daimler technician in charge of the eComponents site. Click the feedback button to send any documentation concerns or product improvements that would benefit the site: