Western Star Manuals

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Hardware List

Retrofit Information For Updating Cabs For Severe Service Use

Western Star Product Familiarization



Parts Manual

Service Manual


Air Systems

Air Systems Manual (1990)

Air Systems Manual (1998)

Cab & Chassis Piping Drawings


Body Builder

Body Builder Book V2 (October 2011)



Constellation Electrical Manual

Constellation & Heritage Master Reference Numbers

Constellation Parts Manual

Constellation Series Operators Manual

Cornerstone & Constellation Service Manual



Cornerstone & Constellation Service Manual

Pre & Post Cornerstone Parts Quick Reference Manual



Electrical Systems Manual (1990)

Electrical Systems Manual - Diesel Powered Vehicles

Right Hand Drive Cab Electrical Drawings



Constellation & Heritage Master Reference Numbers

Heritage Electrical Manual

Heritage 4800, 4900, 3800 & 6900 Series Parts Manual



Automatic Temperature Control Users Guide (RedDot)


Master Reference Numbers

Master Reference Number Index 1010 to 1290 (Pictures)

Master Reference Number Index 1300 to 2120 (Pictures)

Master Reference Number Index 2130 to 2330 (Pictures)

Master Reference Number Index 2350 to 3100 (Pictures)

Master Reference Number Index 3101 to 4040 (Pictures)

Master Reference Number Index 4050 to 4390 (Pictures)



Collision Parts Manual

Collision Parts Manual (1986 Model Conventional)

Parts & Accessories Supplement



Cab & Chassis Piping Drawings