Notice to Ford Computerized Parts Display (CPD) Users


The Ford CPD program is available through Access Freightliner ( in the 'Parts' section after you have logged into the site. If you do not have the Ford CPD option, then you must call the Dealer Help Desk to request the application.


*To assist you with the Ford CPD program, we have recently converted some old Ford CPD training videos to digital format and have made them available to you by clicking the link below:


Ford CPD Training Videos


* There is no printing option via the Ford CPD program as it is ran by connecting to a remote computer at Daimler Trucks North America. To print an item from Ford CPD you can follow the instructions below to print using a free program called 'Greenshot' and any 'PDF Printer':


Ford CPD: Printing displayed items to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file


* The original Ford Heavy Truck Training can be accessed by clicking the link below and it contains a section for Ford CPD:


Ford Heavy Truck Training Manual


* Note: Because the videos and the manual are and were given to us from the Ford Heavy Truck division, they may refer to setting your site controllers, talk about the 'Ford Star' help desk or talk about a 'One Touch' keypad. These no longer exist so please disregard this information. Updates to the Ford CPD and other programs or features outside of the Ford CPD program may also be mentioned in the videos. These items should also be disregarded. The main information about the use and features of the Ford CPD program is what should be taken from these videos and the manual.


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